Formula 1 | What is the weight of each of the 10 Formula 1 of 2022?

After three F1 Grand Prix already contested in 2022, we are starting to know a little more about the weights of the different single-seaters, thanks to analyzes and cross-referencing of data between qualifying and races… and different confessions in the paddock. .

Alfa Romeo is the only team that would be at the new minimum weight of 798 kilos (795 kilos before the first Grand Prix).

But several teams are following her, including Ferrari, Alpine F1, Williams and AlphaTauri, which would be around 800 to 803 kilos, a margin of error being necessary on such analyses.

Haas F1, McLaren F1 and Mercedes F1 would follow with an estimated weight between 803 and 806 kilos. Red Bull would be penultimate with a weight of around 810 kilos. And the worst single-seater on the grid in this area, the Aston Martin AMR22 weighs exactly 815 kilos empty, according to a statement by Mike Krack.

Under these conditions, we understand that Aston Martin F1 is counting a lot on its big upgrade pack, which includes aero and weight reduction. As with Red Bull, the Silverstone team is expecting a 7-10 kilo diet by Miami or Barcelona while Red Bull is aiming for a lean parts rollout from Imola.

The hunt for kilos is very expensive in F1 and Alpine F1, which is one of the good students with a single-seater at 800 kilos, already warns – to preserve its advantage as much as possible – that if there is an increase in the capped budget because of inflation, it should not be used for development.

« The rules are the rules, » said Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine. « It would be a mistake to start watering down the concept of budget caps now. »

“Formula 1 is so interesting right now because the big teams can’t put as much money into their cars as they used to. is legitimate but then we will have to make sure that the granted extension is used exclusively for that and not to chase kilos or tenths. »

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