Formula 1 | Were the Qatari vibrators dangerous by their softness?

The Qatar circuit was expensive for the repair teams, while many drivers damaged their cars on the curbs of the Losail track. According to Andrew Shovlin, chief engineer of Mercedes F1, it is precisely the softness of the vibrators that is their danger.

« It’s weird because the problem is they’re actually quite smooth so you can roll over them. » explains Shovlin. « When you ride on them, the front fins are very low to the ground and they can be hit like the tires. »

“In a bizarre way, if they were more aggressive it would probably be easier on the cars and the tires. But the fact that you can roll over it easily and it doesn’t waste time means you have to. , and that’s where the risk lies. « 

« These are the standard FIA and FIM vibrators that we always see in the last corners in Austria. I think the drivers were trying to use them to their advantage. »

Pirelli has nevertheless opened an investigation for the many punctures seen during the race, even if Mario Isola considers that the attack of the drivers can play a role: “Any small debris, any vibrator can cause a small puncture. They then lose air, and the tire no longer supports the high levels of energy that cars inflict.”

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