Formula 1 | ‘We are hypocrites’: Vettel finds hybrid ‘useless’ in F1

His commitment to ecology is now known far beyond the F1 paddocks: Sebastian Vettel is a « green » at heart, and not just because he races for Aston Martin F1.

What arguments come first to Sebastian Vettel’s mind? In a conversation with The Drive, the German pointed out in more detail and length the hypocrisy of the current system.

Returning to the effectively provocative message of his T-Shirt worn in Miami (Act now or swim later), the quadruple world champion thus underlined why he had felt intimately pushed to publicly commit to a break with the model. current.

« When you think 50 years from now we can’t be in Miami because it’s going to be underwater…And what we’re talking about won’t just impact a generation far into the future, which will always be very unfair, but on our children and the next generation. »

“People ask why is it so important to you, and I don’t understand the question. It should be important for everyone. »

However, how does Sebastian Vettel experience this apparent contradiction, which today leads him to be paid to drive sports cars that consume high levels of fossil fuel? He does not evade the subject.

And Sebastian Vettel is attacking the current generation of power units head-on.

“We are all hypocrites, but I would be very happy if we found a way to not burn fuel in Formula 1. What motorsport should have in common… is to use the power of engineering, everyone’s determination and drive to push performance for the common good and we don’t. The technology we have in the car is fascinating, but it’s useless. »

“We have a greater responsibility, I’m not the perfect example to some extent. We are not all. »

« Obviously the big manufacturers are transferring the hybrid from F1 to the road car, but that’s about it. »

More than cars with clean fuel, Sebastian Vettel dreams of a world with far fewer cars.

“But imagine what it would be like if there weren’t so many cars. It would be a better version of Miami Beach. Why cling to something if we know it’s wrong and it’s not the future? I mean, we love cars. It’s something all pilots have in common. Everyone who works in the paddock has that in common. Most, if not all, fans probably have that in common, but, you know, we have to take it to the next level. »

“I don’t care if it’s electric cars in the future, or hydrogen, or some other form of mobility, but that will change. It must be something else. We cannot stand still now. »

“I am here for my children and it is a responsibility that every father and mother feels. »

F1, which still relies on V6 hybrids with 100% sustainable fuel, for the next generation of power unit in 2026, will appreciate these words… But no doubt that by then Sebastian Vettel will be far from F1.

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