Formula 1 | Volkswagen, Audi and / or Porsche in F1: answer in November!

Red Bull does not exclude a collaboration in Formula 1 with the Volkswagen group while decisions are expected within a few days to a few weeks, at most.

According to several sources in Germany, this month of November could be the month in which the brands of VW, Audi and Porsche, will make the official decision to enter F1 for the new era of engines from 2026.

According to rumors, still very vague, Red Bull or Williams could join forces with Audi, Porsche then supporting McLaren. Other rumors point to negotiations between Sauber and VW for a buyout of the team, in order to bring Porsche or Audi as a full team in F1. The door would be opened after the supposed failure of negotiations with Andretti.

So far, no party has commented on these rumors except Helmut Marko, who denies nothing since the new engine subsidiary Red Bull Powertrains is looking for a partner manufacturer if possible.

« First of all, we want to make sure that we can stand on our own feet with our ambitious project, » said the 78-year-old Austrian. « Partners are of course welcome to join us. »

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