Formula 1 | Villeneuve on Ferrari: They didn’t watch the race in Hungary or what?

Villeneuve on Ferrari: They don't have

Jacques Villeneuve, the 1997 Formula 1 world champion, is still struggling to understand how Ferrari managed to miss the big widths with its strategy during the Hungarian Grand Prix.

While Charles Leclerc was fighting for victory, the Scuderia decided to put him on hard tires but it turned out to be the worst possible choice: this rubber did not work at all due to the cold temperatures and the Monegasque finally collapsed until in sixth place at the finish.

This decision seemed all the more incomprehensible as some of Ferrari’s competitors, Alpine F1 in particular, had very clearly been in difficulty for several laps with the hard tire and their times were not improving.

« Formula 1 is the premier category, everything is at the top level. Not only the drivers but also the mechanics, the engineers and the strategists, » Villeneuve said.

« How is it possible that several teams, not just Ferrari, made the decision to put on the hard tyres? Alpine had proven that it was a crap tire. They didn’t watch the race or what? »

The Canadian is also right to recall that in addition to Ferrari and Alpine, McLaren, Haas and Alfa Romeo also committed the same strategic mistake in Hungary. He wonders how one out of two teams could have made such an error in judgment.

« Something has gone terribly wrong. It’s incomprehensible that such a thing should happen in a sport where only the best of the best work. »

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