Formula 1 | Victim of insults and threats, Latifi supports the new action of F1

victim of insults and threats,

We remember, Nicholas Latifi had to suffer insults and death threats for having – obviously unintentionally – switched the world title from one camp to another in 2021 in Abu Dhabi.

It was indeed his late exit from the track that provoked the safety car and if Michael Masi was also very heavily criticized (even worse), at the time it was the Canadian who had the greatest criticism on suddenly, before we understood what had happened to the race director.

In this context, he obviously supports the action of the FIA ​​and 20 drivers, unveiled before the Hungarian GP, ​​with a campaign condemning all types of abuse by fans, on social networks and in the stands.

« I totally agree, obviously, with this initiative. I think it’s good that F1 is taking up the subject. The most important thing now is to have means of action to report the abuse and so on and obviously not just to send this message up in the air, » comments the Williams driver.

« Sending a message is the first step, it’s important and obviously everyone is united on that. Obviously some action needs to be taken when there is wrongdoing. So yes, I fully support the stock. »

For her part, Latifi was able to move on quickly.

« If we talk about abuse of Abu Dhabi, for me it’s long gone. Already, going into the season, for me it was kind of put behind me and I didn’t have any more too many posts. »

« Unfortunately for him, it quickly focused on Michael Masi. »

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