Formula 1 | Vettel regrets Alonso’s ‘disrespectful’ comment to Hamilton

Vettel regrets the comment (...)

By taking advantage in particular of the numerous penalties which were distributed at Spa, Sebastian Vettel achieved a fine Belgian Grand Prix to clinch the four points for eighth place.

But if his Aston Martin F1 showed a good pace in the race, the quadruple world champion calls on his team to improve on its biggest weak point this season: qualifying.

« It was a good race, we got off to a good start but once again we had the proof that we needed to qualify better on the grid. We had enough pace to keep us in our place and we will have to be better positioned this weekend, hopefully we will be able to do better. »

If Aston Martin F1 currently occupies ninth place in the championship, the AMR22 demonstrates in the race that it is worth more than its classification.

For Zandvoort, Vettel hopes to be much more efficient on Saturday than in Belgium.

« As I said, the key will be to qualify better in order to have quieter Sundays. We should no longer have to come back from the back of the grid every time. but in qualifying we are an easy target. »

Vettel understands Alonso’s annoyance but slams his comment on Hamilton

In Belgium, Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso clashed in the first round, which angered the Spaniard who treated his opponent « idiot » on the radio.

If Sebastian Vettel understands the annoyance of the Alpine driver at the time, he regrets this insult towards a driver who did not deserve it according to him.

« Firstly, it is an emotional reaction. If you find yourself in such a situation, you are worried because your car may be damaged, which could mean the end of your race. »

« But we are aware that the radio conversations are made public, and I think his comment was very disrespectful. »

« Lewis is one of the cleanest drivers on the grid, I don’t think he had any bad attention in mind, he just made a mistake. We all do that, including Fernando sometimes. »

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