Formula 1 | Vettel: It would be ‘a mistake’ for F1 not to go to Spa

Vettel: It would be 'a mistake'

Sebastian Vettel would be very disappointed to see Spa-Francorchamps and the Belgian F1 Grand Prix disappear from the calendar. Rumors lend the Belgian event and the French Grand Prix the role of fuses, even if the Belgian government got involved as we reported to you this morning.

Nothing is confirmed yet, but with the return of China, the arrival of Las Vegas and the possible addition of Kyalami, Formula 1 will have to offload its 2023 calendar. The quadruple world champion hopes that Belgium will keep its place .

« Spa is a great circuit. I don’t know any driver who doesn’t like Spa » said Vettel. “On the other hand, I know drivers who don’t like the circuit in Russia. Not because it’s Russia, but because the circuits are all similar.

Vettel admits that if the drivers had to vote for the circuits they want to see on the calendar, he would give his vote to Spa-Francorchamps: « I have no say here, but Spa would have my vote. It would be a mistake in many ways to lose Spa. »

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