Formula 1 | Vettel invited by di Grassi to race in Formula E after F1


Vettel invited by di Grassi to run (...)

Sebastian Vettel will retire from Formula 1 at the end of the season and some observers, including his former teammate Mark Webber, have already suggested a new discipline that could suit him: Formula E.

As we know, the German is very involved in environmental issues, and this is also one of the reasons that led him to retire from F1. In Formula E, he could thus continue to enjoy the life of a driver without having to worry about the impact he would have on the environment.

Lucas di Grassi, who passed through F1 in 2010 and who has been playing in Formula E since 2014, invites the four-time world champion to come and try these 100% electric single-seaters.

« We have faced each other many times, especially in Formula 3, and it would be amazing for him to race here, » said the Brazilian.

« I think the talk of sustainability in F1 doesn’t really make a difference, like saying ‘don’t use fossil fuel’ when they’re sponsored by Aramco. »

« In recent years Vettel has become aware of the state of the world and to improve it, all he can do as a sportsman is to use his platform. It’s very noble of him, he could just race and then buy a boat and stay there. »

But di Grassi prefers to be realistic: Vettel intends to spend time with his family and should therefore not be interested in this invitation, not in the immediate future in any case.

« It would be a pleasure to see him race with us, but I don’t think that will happen. Formula E is a difficult environment, even if everything starts from scratch with the arrival of Generation 3. So now would be the time perfect for him and I’m sure he would be competitive. »

« It takes time, Formula E is a very special discipline without free or private practice sessions, but it would be a pleasure to have him with us anyway. »


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