Formula 1 | Vettel hooked by Gasly: ​​’as if he had put a target on me!’

Vettel hooked by Gasly: ​​'like (...)

Today in Austria, Lance Stroll bet on an offbeat strategy to try to play for the points. The Canadian was able to sail in the top 5 for a while, but it was very artificial.

He finished the race in 13th place after resisting all along F1 cars with different strategies. At least he had a little smile tonight?

“My start was correct, and I was able to keep my position and fight with the McLarens from the start. I also had some good moments of wheel-to-wheel combat with cars with different strategies, which was fun. However, it was difficult to keep the faster cars behind. It would have been nice to come away with a point or two after a strong rally yesterday, but we have to keep pushing and we will try to get back into the points in France. »

Sebastian Vettel saw his race ruined by a collision with Pierre Gasly: ​​the Frenchman, who understeered, was deemed responsible and received a five-second penalty. Not enough to save the race for Sebastian Vettel, who spun.

« It’s disappointing to be pushed into the gravel again [après le contact avec Alex Albon hier]. This time it was Gasly and I almost feel like there’s a target on my car! I had made a good overtaking on the outside and I was in front leaving a lot of space. I think he was just a little too enthusiastic, he slammed into me and I went off into the gravel. The car wasn’t in its best shape after that and my race was pretty much over. »

“Before that, it was a tricky race because I was hit by debris on the first lap, which could have damaged the car. We weren’t very competitive on the hard tires at the start, but the medium was better for us and we worked our way through the peloton until contact with Pierre. We had a pretty unlucky weekend, so let’s move on and focus on the next race in France. »

Mike Krack, the team manager, also wants to retain the good reliability of Aston Martin F1 which could allow him to glean a few units at a future opportunity.

“With Lance starting in 12th position, we thought there was a reasonable chance of scoring points this afternoon. He drove well today, despite the fact that our car struggled a bit in performance. He climbed to fifth place during the first phase of the race, managed his first set of tires for 30 laps, and enjoyed a spirited battle with [George] Russell and [Mick] Schumacher. »

“Sebastian was unlucky. He was coming back in the field and had just made a good overtaking when he found himself in the gravel of turn four – which just earned Gasly a five-second penalty. From there, there was not much more to do. »

“Once again we have brought home two cars reliably – which is a great testament to the hard work of the mechanics – and we will try to score points in France and Hungary before the summer break. »

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