Formula 1 | Vettel explains the reason for its ecological commitments

For two years, Sebastian Vettel decided to speak on several political subjects, in particular on ecology and the environment. The German reveals the reason why he decided to take a more position on these subjects.

« Times have changed and we can no longer shy away » Vettel told the New York Times. « We can no longer hide behind the curtain of performance and professional interest. »

“It can’t just be about how many points you score, how many races you win. There are certain things in all of our lives that are bigger than that and more important, and we have to take a stand. « 

Vettel notably helped build a bee hotel, picked up trash at Silverstone and, before the Italian GP, ​​visited Iceland to visit a one-of-a-kind CO2 capture plant. Personally, he has also made his house self-sufficient and drives an electric car.

« For me, the priority is that whatever I choose to do, it really makes a difference. Even if it’s tiny, it has to make a difference. I believe in change by action, not just affirmation. good things, and it is much more important that we act now. « 

« I understand that not everyone has the opportunity to change their life because some things have a certain cost, be it time or money, but we all have our responsibilities, thinking about what we can make and apply that change, even if it’s the smallest change. « 

The four-time world champion now wants F1 to do its share of the work. The discipline is committed to becoming carbon neutral in 2030 and halving its carbon footprint by 2025, but it wants this to be seen in every race.

« If you look at the big picture, there is a certain responsibility that we have in Formula 1, when we go to different places in the world and have these huge events that bring massive excitement. »

“We can’t just go out there, do our show and leave everything else behind. To make sure nothing is left behind, we have to be prepared to take some of our time and invest. in these things, because they have a cost. « 

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