Formula 1 | Vettel does not want to gain glory from his fight for ecology

Sebastian Vettel shows an increasing interest in ecology and the environment. The Aston Martin F1 driver has done several things this year, such as setting up a bee hotel in Austria, or picking up litter at Silverstone. However, he denies wanting to take advantage of it for his image.

« I don’t do these things for people to watch » Vettel said. « The first thing I always want to do is make sure everything I do makes sense. And that it helps where we are and what we do. »

« So I should talk about the initiatives for the bees. We have created a space or a place for them to live and come back. So the cause is always the main interest.

« It’s great that people are interested in it and that it inspires other people to do the same, to think about it or question their activities and behavior, to see how they could help. »

« But I think the priority is always to make it believable to me, that it makes sense. It’s good to say what we should be doing and talk about it, but I think you have to too. do it yourself. Otherwise, I think it’s not genuine. « 

Vettel has started to really speak up on the subject this year, but his former Ferrari manager Mattia Binotto reveals he cares about the environment: « I think over the past two seasons he was becoming more sensitive to these matters. »

“He was discussing it, so we were clearly aware of that. It’s great to see that as we get older you normally become more sensitive. He puts a lot of effort and focus into it. So it’s no surprise, but it’s great to see it. « 

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