Formula 1 | Vettel denounces Canada’s ‘criminal’ environmental policy

Vettel denounces environmental policy

Canada is the 10th most polluting country in the world (in terms of pollution per capita per year). Despite international climate commitments, notably from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the country has not stopped investing in destructive energy projects, such as the exploitation of oil in the oil sands of Alberta.

Such news made « tilt » at Sebastian Vettel, who we know is very committed to the environment.

On the occasion of the Canadian Grand Prix this weekend, the Aston Martin F1 driver is wearing a T-Shirt denouncing the country’s environmental policy.

For him, Canada is committing a  » crime «  against the environment.

“What’s happening in Alberta is a crime because you’re cutting down a lot of trees and basically destroying an area just to extract the oil. »

“And the way to do it with the oil sands… Extracting oil is horrible for nature and obviously Canada’s greenhouse gas emissions have increased since they started doing it. »

“From what I read, the site was discovered 20 years ago. I believe the Prime Minister said that no other country would find these resources and exploit them. »

“In principle, each country and each person has their opinions and position. My personal opinion is that I disagree. »

« There’s so much science out there that fossil fuels are going to die out, and living in times like ours, these things shouldn’t be allowed and shouldn’t happen. »

This is not the first time that Sebastian Vettel is committed to a social or environmental cause during a weekend – he had thus sported a T-Shirt in the colors of the LGBT rainbow in Hungary.

How does the German pilot choose his actions? When he is notably contacted by local activists?

“No, no one contacted me. »

« I read a lot about it because I find it – fascinating maybe isn’t the right word – but there’s a lot going on and we live in a time where we’re so aware of a lot of things . »

“So basically it’s about making people aware of what’s going on in the first place. A lot of people in Canada, a lot of people around the world don’t know that and it’s just a small gesture. »

“I will also have a special helmet this weekend to highlight this fact. »

“It’s just about thinking about future generations and the world we’ll leave in their hands when they’re old enough to carry on and care for it. »

“I think it’s right to take care of it and not destroy it. »

Remember, however, that countries on the F1 calendar pollute more per capita than Canada: Qatar is the most polluting country in the world, while Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, the United Arab Emirates and Australia pollute proportionally. more than Canada.

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