Formula 1 | Vettel claims not to be on F1 ‘farewell tour’

Vettel assures not to be on tour

Sebastian Vettel has just eight Formula 1 races left before retiring. The Aston Martin F1 driver knows that the end of his career at the highest level is approaching, but does not appreciate the term « farewell tour », when it is proposed to him.

« I hate that term » Vettel told Sky Deutschland. « I don’t agree. I will finish my season and then life goes on. Not with more races, but something will happen. »

Vettel explains that he wants some quiet time when his F1 career is over: « I can’t wait to see the races coming up and then afterwards I can’t wait to do nothing. After that I think sitting around and doing nothing is not possible. I’m not one to do that. »

However, he already has plans for the sequel, or at least the beginnings of an idea of ​​what he will do: « I’m a bit more advanced than before. Even though I have a few things in mind, I’m still going to let things come to me. »

“It would have been nice to stop at the top”

Vettel admits he had doubts when he saw the magnitude of the task that awaited him at Aston Martin: “I wondered if I could still do this job” explains the quadruple world champion to Die Zeit.

However, he does not believe that athletes should put aside their doubts: « But if so? Personal weakness and thoughts about it are part of performance and success. »

Some specific points made him realize that it was time to stop: « It shows with the little things. When it becomes an effort to get out of the house and get on a plane. »

« After all the doubt that settled in me, it was more important for me to realize that it’s good to quit. It would have been nice to quit as a world champion at the top, and a lot of between us try that. »

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