Formula 1 | Vettel better ‘stop F1’ if he cares too much about the environment

Vettel better 'stop

Very committed to the issue of the environment and ecology, Sebastian Vettel wishes to take advantage of his notoriety in Formula 1 to raise public awareness on this theme.

The Aston Martin F1 driver was recently a guest on BBC’s ‘Question Time’, and he revealed during the show that he was indeed questioning his presence in motorsport’s premier class.

« When I get out of the car, of course I’m like, ‘is this really something we should be doing, traveling the world and wasting resources’? »

And the quadruple world champion understands that we can find him hypocritical about his position: « Yes, I ask myself certain questions every day and I am not a saint. »

For Walter Rohrl, who was once a double world rally champion, Vettel would probably be better off stopping F1 rather than being affected by such a dilemma.

« Once I wondered what had happened to him. If after 15 years in motorsport I start to think that I’m doing harm to the environment, then I better stop! »

« He can’t complain and say he wants to do something for the environment while traveling all around the world for Formula 1. You have to live your life around that. »

« I like him and so I hope he won’t let his ideas push him to do anything, like for example Greenpeace which keeps blocking public transport. »

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