Formula 1 | Vettel annoyed that F1 ‘gives in’ for plane flyovers

Vettel annoyed that F1 'gives way

At the start of the year, F1 revealed that it would ban the overflight of the starting grid and the stands by planes, for ecological reasons. But in Monza, several planes, including those of the Italian patrol, flew over before departure.

For Sebastian Vettel, this failure to respect ecological commitments is deplorable. The Aston Martin F1 driver does not hesitate to tackle the 81-year-old President of the Republic of Italy and his motivations.

“I heard the President of Italy insisted on having this flyover” said Vettel. « I mean, he’s around 100, so maybe it’s hard for him to let go of that ego-related stuff. »

And to deplore that F1 does not make its voice heard on this subject, while continuing to communicate massively on its ecological wishes, on the circuits or in the media. The German deplores a lack of logic.

“We were promised that air travel would no longer exist, but it looks like the president has to change his mind and F1 is giving in despite the billboards around the track about some goals to make the world a better place. « 

« If you have a goal, you shouldn’t do like all countries and overlook the fact that you won’t achieve it. You have to stick to what you say. But time will tell. »

Vettel, who won his first F1 victory at Monza in 2008, however hopes the circuit « will stay on the calendar. It’s a good circuit, with a good atmosphere. But I hope they stop doing overflights. »

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