Formula 1 | Verstappen will need ‘perfect’ weekend at Suzuka to clinch title

Verstappen will need a (...)

Max Verstappen could have won the F1 title last weekend in Singapore, but a mistake by his team in qualifying and others by him during the race finally postponed the deadline.

But the Red Bull driver, happy to find Suzuka which had not been on the Formula 1 calendar since 2019, knows that he will have another chance to definitively end the suspense in the land of the rising sun this weekend. Provided of course not to reproduce the same errors.

« We are finally back in Japan after a long absence, I am really looking forward to hitting the Suzuka track. I love being in Japan and I have great memories of this country, the food is amazing, the fans are very special and really polite. »

« We have another chance to win the drivers’ title this weekend, provided this one is perfect, and we will give everything we have. It’s an old-school track with lots of fast corners and you have to take advantage of it. practice sessions to get you acclimated to it. We’ll see what the weather has in store for us, because I hear it might rain and that might spice things up a bit. »

Brilliant winner in Singapore in very difficult conditions, Sergio Perez has regained his confidence and will want to continue with a second consecutive podium, or even better.

« Suzuka is a unique and very special circuit, especially the first sector which is one of the best in the world. You have to be very precise until turn 11 if you want to have a good lap, and you will be compromised if you push too hard You have to be willing to take a lot of risks on this circuit, there is no run-off zone and the slightest mistake can be very expensive. »

« Unfortunately I never finished on the podium at Suzuka so it would be nice to achieve that on Sunday. My best memories from Japan are the fans, so I would be very happy to give them and Honda a good result. this week-end. »

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