Formula 1 | Verstappen on his F1 success: ‘I’ve always believed in Red Bull and it’s paying off’

Verstappen on his success in F1: (...)

Max Verstappen is on his way to a second F1 world title this season and he credits his current success to his decision never to leave Red Bull, even when his team was not at its best a few years ago.

The Dutchman won in his first race for the Austrian team at the 2016 Spanish Grand Prix, but the discipline then lived under the outrageous domination of Mercedes F1 and he never won more than three races in the same season before 2021.

« It’s very nice to be part of this team, the atmosphere is excellent, » said Verstappen, who extended his contract with Red Bull until the end of 2028 at the start of the season.

« And I’ve always thought that’s the most important thing. If you don’t win but the atmosphere in the team is good, then you can improve over time and still be patient. That’s what I have always learned. I could have tried to change teams in order to try to find immediate success, but I believed in the people of the team and it pays off, so I am very happy about that. . »

“The current season is very good, especially the last races, but as I said before, our difficulties at the start of the year with the RB18 were mainly due to weight. didn’t help to find the right balance because she was a little lazy, the weight distribution was wrong and that’s why we had a little understeer. »

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