Formula 1 | Verstappen explains what separates the good from the very good F1 driver


Verstappen explains what differentiates

It’s an age-old question: what is the most important factor in F1 to achieve pure performance, between the driver and the car?

There are of course links between the two (a good driver can help the development of an F1 car) and the question is perhaps impossible to resolve as it stands.

For the Hugo Décrypte channel, Max Verstappen tried to rack his brains: so, the car or the driver, what matters more?

“There is no doubt that in F1 it is important to have a very good car. There are a lot of good drivers, but if you don’t have the right car, you can’t win the championship. »

“That’s a big part of the equation. »

Besides, isn’t it frustrating to see only 3 out of 10 teams competing for victories, good years?

Max Verstappen then has a proposal to make to the FIA…

“In F1, usually you have a big rule change every 4 or 5 years. Maybe we should stop that and at that time the level of all the teams would slowly approach. »

The role of the pilot

Still, the driver is a very important part of the equation. How then, for a team manager, to differentiate the good from the bad driver? Or rather the good of the very good? Max Verstappen delivers some keys…

“Afterwards, I think the driver also plays a big role. Where a rider makes the difference is when the conditions are difficult, when there is competition with another team, that you really fight. It is in these scenarios that the difference is made. »

“Otherwise there are so many good drivers in the world, even outside of F1. In endurance, they are also very, very good. »

« It’s just by chance or circumstance that they couldn’t make it to F1. »

“But for those in F1, the difference between the good and the very good is in the decisive moments. If for example there is a race in the rain, or in very difficult conditions more generally, or during decisive qualifying, this is where you can make the difference, or score just a few more points than your teammate for example. »


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