Formula 1 | Verstappen does not intend to give up its ‘divebombs’ in 2022

The driving of Max Verstappen has been criticized this year for being too forceful in his duels at times and he has been penalized on several occasions for incidents with his rival, Lewis Hamilton.

But the newly titled Red Bull driver said he didn’t expect to have to change his approach in 2022, even though Formula 1 officials stick to their current line that he is not. allowed to force pilots off the track when it comes to attacking or defending.

« The decisions went rather against me during the last races. In the first round in Abu Dhabi the marshals did not penalize Lewis because the position of my car prevented him from taking the turn. it is attacked from the inside. « 

When told that these « divebomb » type dives are impossible to counter and unsportsmanlike, he replies:

« That’s your point of view. But I wasn’t penalized for it. Should I change? Probably not, because maybe I just need to make the marshals understand that this is the race as it is. it must be, it must be energetic. « 

« I have a very good relationship with the commissioners. When I’m there [dans le bureau des commissaires], we have a good conversation, we talk about it. But at the moment, that doesn’t necessarily suit my way of seeing things. « 

« It’s not like I hate them or anything; I just don’t agree with what they decide. »

« On my side, I’m like, ‘Well that’s how I run and that’s how I think it’s right’ and ‘I don’t agree with this decision’. »

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