Formula 1 | Verstappen could not have made his comebacks in 2021, says Horner

According to Horner, Verstappen would not have

Max Verstappen impressed in Hungary and Belgium, and to a lesser extent in Italy, winning from tenth, 14th and seventh on the grid. Christian Horner, the director of Red Bull, welcomes the 2022 regulations of La F1, which allowed such increases, and assures that it was not possible with the 2021 single-seaters.

« No I don’t think so. I think the cars were very difficult to follow » Horner said. « The drag of the car was so interrupted by the following car that it was very difficult. »

« But the fight that we had in 2021, especially between Max and Lewis, was another dimension. I mean these two guys were going against each other every weekend and it was two titans at the top of their game. art. It was fantastic to be able to be part of it. »

The Briton now proposes to let the convergence of performance do its work in order to have smaller gaps in the future. According to him, F1 is on an upward slope at this level.

“When you bring in such drastic regulatory changes, someone is going to do it right, someone is going to do it wrong. After a while the peloton will converge and the most important thing is not to touch anything. these regulations to enable this convergence to occur. »

« But I think the one thing the regulations have done is they’ve improved the fight for the cars to be able to follow more closely. And we’ve seen that at a lot of events this year, where the races have been fantastic. »

“Looking back to those early races in Bahrain and Saudi Arabia between Max and Charles, we saw some phenomenal racing. And winning races like Max did in Budapest from 10th on the grid or in Spa from the 14th place proves that these cars can overtake and follow closely. It’s a step in the right direction. »

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