Formula 1 | Vasseur expects ‘other problems’ than porpoising

Alfa Romeo F1 was one of the least prolific teams in Barcelona winter testing. With 175 laps on the clock, the C42 was only ahead of the Haas VF-22 and its 160 loops in terms of rolling.

Frédéric Vasseur, team manager, admits that the single-seater did not run as much as expected, and that he hopes to correct things in Bahrain. The Frenchman recalls that other setbacks can arise, and that the porpoising that everyone is talking about is not a unique problem.

The second winter testing session will take place from March 8-10 in Bahrain and it will be important for Alfa Romeo to rack up as many kilometers as possible.

« That’s the goal, we had the porpoising problems at the start and that was the problem for everyone, and we had mechanical problems in the second part of testing » recounts Vasseur, explaining the reasons for this reduced rolling.

« We have to sort it out for next week and that’s the challenge. I’m confident we’ll get there. We’re doing a day of filming today, we’ll get the car back on track and we’ll have made some progress. arriving in Bahrain. »

« We talked about rebounds but with the new regulations new issues can come up and I think in two or three races nobody will be talking about porpoising anymore, but we will have another issue or topic to discuss. »

« But we have to fix it and we have seen that on our side as well as on the others there has already been great progress in the first three days. We will come back next week to all the teams with new configurations to completely fix it. . »

Jan Monchaux, Alfa Romeo F1’s technical director, is happy that the problem arises immediately, and not once the season has started: « We had to be extreme in some parts of the design and we have a few issues to work out, but I’m sure we’ll get there. »

« I prefer it to happen now than during the season, that’s why we do the tests. We would have liked to do more kilometers but we will now be able to solve some problems for a week and a half, and we hope that this will be smoother for us. »

Long-term work on the C42

F1’s 2022 regulations, which were supposed to be 2021, saw the light of day in 2019. But in 2020, everything was frozen with the Covid-19 pandemic. Once it was cleared to work on the new car, Alfa Romeo turned all of its resources to it, as Monchaux explains.

« The last 12-15 months have been very intense for the whole team, and for the people who worked on the design and the launch. It’s an exciting season and I can’t wait to see where we will be . »

He does not want to say that the C42 is the F1 of his creation that he prefers, but he does not hide being very proud of it, given the challenge it represents: « It depends on the results! As an engineer, every new car is the most beautiful. »

« I’m particularly proud of this car, but more for the challenges it presents with the change of rules that I can remember in F1. The amount of work done by everyone behind the scenes makes me even prouder to see the real car, not just on a screen. »

Monchaux was not surprised to see F1s sporting very different designs and concepts all over the field: « The rules are restrictive on certain points like the front and rear wings. »

« But we’re not surprised to see the differences on the bodywork, and it’s interesting to see what our rivals have found. We’ll study the other cars closely. »

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