Formula 1 | Tsunoda finds most of his F1 reprimands ‘unfair’

Tsunoda finds most of his (...)

Yuki Tsunoda says there was little he could have done to avoid the loss of 10 grid places allocated to him for this weekend’s Italian Grand Prix due to the accumulation of 5 reprimands since the start of the season.

The AlphaTauri driver has become the first driver to break this rule in F1, under which drivers automatically receive a 10-place grid penalty. The limit was previously set at three reprimands until last season.

And even within this lower limit, few drivers reached the threshold to trigger a penalty. Mark Webber was the last driver to do so…in 2013.

« It’s a shame that I was reprimanded. This situation, I couldn’t really control it, » he says in reference to what happened to him in Zandvoort, when he drove with his seat belts loose.

He adds that his reprimands were mainly given at the start of the season after Niels Wittich and Eduardo Freitas replaced Michael Masi as F1 race director.

« Most of the reprimands I received were in the first half of the season, which were mostly related to traffic issues during free practice. The rule was not made clear at the start. time and the new race directors came and they thought there was something to penalize that and I received a lot of reprimands at that time. It was unfair in my opinion.

« So it’s not ideal, of course, but it is what it is and at least I’m starting from zero for the end of the season. »

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