Formula 1 | Truncated end of GP: Hamilton offers a red flag 5 laps before the finish

Truncated end of GP: Hamilton offers a

The end of the Grand Prix at Monza ended in a safety car… and under the whistles of the Italian circuit.

The frustration of the tifosi is quite understandable, especially given Charles Leclerc’s position at this point in the race; but the regulations were respected, not like during a certain Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi last year…

Lewis Hamilton would of course have preferred a similar outcome at Yas Marina, however, he is not satisfied with this way of concluding the races, behind a safety car.

On the radio, the Mercedes driver immediately expressed his dissatisfaction…

« I mean, what’s the harm in extending the race… »

And to propose an appropriate solution, just after the finish! A kind of Baku bis…

“Naturally, as a runner you want more race time. A red flag for the last 5 laps is a good solution. But at least the procedure was good today. All of this reminded me of Abu Dhabi, the only time in the history of the sport where the rules weren’t properly enforced… »

Lewis Hamilton, who had Sergio Pérez behind him, could however have suffered from a crazy end of the race, and readily admits it. Lewis had not changed tires under the safety car.

“I wanted to be able to challenge the Ferrari in front of me and see if I could get another position. But I think looking back it was probably a good ending for me. I’m really grateful to have come back from the last row on the grid. »

“My tires weren’t bad, I felt like I could keep the temperature up. »

“They said in the pits there were two people in my pit stop window so if I had gone in I would have come out behind two people and I didn’t want to take any chances so I stayed out. »

“The tires were starting to lose performance a bit and I think they stopped to get new tyres, so I probably wouldn’t have been able to pass them, those two guys. »

Lewis Hamilton finished 5th in a race that started in 19th place: contrary to his fears, he was not bored in his cockpit!

“I really enjoyed the battle with everyone, working slowly with this car. It was really a challenge from the start. »

“The overtake on Lando was key because I think if I hadn’t managed that, I would have been two places behind. »

“It’s just a matter of timing. You don’t always have the right timing but I saw Lando come out and I thought « this is the moment we have a chance ». Luckily he was attacked by someone else outside, it was great to follow him. »

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