Formula 1 | This year’s Verstappen-Hamilton duel is ‘unique’ according to Berger

The Formula 1 world is witnessing a « one-off » battle for this year’s World Championship, according to former F1 driver Gerhard Berger.

Still closely linked to Red Bull, the now DTM series boss had said Max Verstappen was solidly on his way to the 2021 title … until Lewis Hamilton changed the game and returned to the front in the last few races.

« A little while ago, I would have said Max would get there this year, » says the Austrian.

« But you should never underestimate the competition in Formula 1 or take anything for granted. Max should have come to Spa with a comfortable lead, but Mercedes and Hamilton managed to change the situation. »

The former Ferrari and McLaren driver, who was one of the teammates of the great Ayrton Senna, believes that the Hamilton-Verstappen duel is also one of the most significant in the history of Formula 1.

« I’ve seen a lot of Formula 1 duels, but this one is unique. The two best drivers, the technical geniuses behind them, Wolff against Marko. »

« These are all exceptional professionals who put on an incredible show. I wouldn’t be surprised if the final decision takes place in Abu Dhabi. »

The fact that this duel will last until the end of the season will not affect the development of F1 2022 according to Berger. While many teams are already fully engaged on the next season, the Austrian does not think the top two teams will lose much ground on this side.

« This duel will cost a lot of energy for those involved, that’s for sure, but I don’t think it will be a major inconvenience in the development of new cars. With their staff, they can handle it. »

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