Formula 1: this is what the new Ferrari looks like


Ferrari therefore places all its hopes today in this single-seater, supposed to open a new chapter in its history. Encouraging duels and overtaking on the circuit, the new F1 regulations require that the cars be completely redesigned; which completely redistributes the cards and represents a unique opportunity for Ferrari to get back into the race and try to find the way to victory thanks to the return of theground effectwider tires and new power units imposed by recent F1 reforms.

Carlos Sainz, Mattia Binotto and Charles Leclerc.

The speedster of victory?

The F1-75 was built to win and it’s supposed to race for several years. The risk is therefore significant for the Italian manufacturer and he is well aware of it. It is precisely for this reason that he has mobilized all his resources in the creation of this new car, instead of trying to catch up on Mercedes or Red Bull by upgrading an old model.

Years of effort spent on the F1-75 resulted in a sporty and aesthetically radical car. The satin Ferrari red (a color used for the uniforms and overalls of the pilots) was combined with solid black and gradients present on the side wings and on the rear. A form of aggressiveness emanates from the car, the manufacturer signaling that he is aiming for one thing: victory.

Larger, partially covered wheels are one of the new features of the new Formula 1 cars.

Leclerc and Sainz already love him

Charles Leclerc and Carlos Sainz will now be called upon to drive the machine and bring Ferrari back to the top. The first driver, Charles Leclerc, intends to relive his glory days of 2019 (the year in which he won the Belgian Grand Prix and the Italian Grand Prix in the space of seven days). “The main objective is to work together to improve after a difficult year,” he confides. But we have high expectations for this season. The car is aggressive and impressive. I like it a lot and I will like it even more when I’m on the tracks.


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