Formula 1 | The pressure less, Russell announces that he will attack more and seek limits

At 23 points against 7, Williams dominated Alfa Romeo in the fight not to finish penultimate in the manufacturers’ standings. It must be said that at the Hungaroring or at Spa, the Grove team scored some great units and made the difference in this close fight.

In recent races, Williams has come back in line – in Turkey and the United States, the English cars have been transparent.

But this is not a big deal for George Russell (14th in Austin): with these results, Williams was able to relieve the pressure and take advantage of the present moment, in particular by taking more risks at the start. This was evident since the Briton gained 6 places in one lap!

“The pressure has been off my shoulders for a while now, and I’m more confident to really push and push. « 

“At the start, going from 20th to 14th was very solid for me, and I think that in the position where we are now in the championship, we have this little margin, and that allows me to really push the limits. « 

“To be honest I like it, I’m not a driver who usually makes a lot of mistakes, but I wanted to push myself. « 

« That’s why we saw that I went off-piste on Saturday morning, also a little bit in qualifying at Zandvoort, I’m really trying to push the limits to see if there is more in these last. races. « 

This risky approach will be assumed and maintained by George Russell until the end of the year. It is also a way for him to prepare to drive by seeking more limits, in view of his duel next year against Lewis Hamilton at Mercedes …

“The fact that we are in a position of relative comfort in the constructors’ championship helps me; and also on a personal level everything is confirmed for next year, I am in a very stable position personally … « 

“I can just go out there and try new things and not be afraid of making mistakes. « 

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