Formula 1 | The Miami Grand Prix should normally still be held in early May

While the first Miami Grand Prix in history was held from May 6 to 8, the event’s CEO Tom Garfinkel explains that the race should a priori keep this place on the Formula 1 calendar for the entirety of his contract.

The event located in Florida has signed a ten-year contract with the premier discipline of motorsport, and the next nine editions should therefore also take place in early May.

Garfinkel thus explains that the date of the Miami Grand Prix would be « a week before or a week after, but it will be this time of year every season. »

« We’re also hosting the tennis tournament, so that’s its place on the calendar. As I said it could be shifted a week or two depending on what happens in the year in question, but it will always be around this period.

In addition to Miami and Austin, the United States will be entitled to a third race on its territory in Las Vegas from 2023. And Garfinkel is delighted to welcome this event which promises to attract a new audience.

« It’s great to have a third race in the United States. And it’s great that it’s in Vegas. »

« I’m very excited to attend a night race on a Saturday night. It’s fantastic for Formula 1 and for motorsport in America. »

« We want to bring this sport to more people in our area, and we hope that Vegas can do the same for them. »

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