Formula 1: The 4 free-to-air Grands Prix change broadcaster

Holder of exclusive paid rights until 2022, the CANAL + group is strengthening its Formula 1 offering by becoming the only broadcaster of the competition in France.

Let’s come back to 2017. The F1 authorities wanted to offer more visibility to their product which had suffered from its distribution exclusively by paying since 2013. The Liberty Media group, owner of Formula 1, had created a batch intended for free channels comprising four major prizes including the French Grand Prix (which must be broadcast on a free-to-air antenna since it is included in the list of major events) and the Monaco Grand Prix.

This is the group TF1 which had won the rights in the clear for 3 seasons, which allowed it to broadcast 10 grand prix between 2018 and 2020 on TF1 and TMC.

When renewing their contract for two additional seasons in January 2020, the group CHANNEL + obtained the marketing of the lot in clear. According to the Team, not being satisfied with the proposals of the free channels, the encrypted channel decided to broadcast the 4 races unencrypted on its antennas, which offers it total exclusivity of Formula 1 for the next two seasons. For now, the group CHANNEL + has not yet formalized the information.

The encrypted channel has two options to exploit the lot in clear:

  • A broadcast on C8, as was the case for the 2017 Monaco Grand Prix, but with the constraint of having a device different from CANAL +. Indeed, the CSA obliges the same group to propose two different teams for two antennas available on the TNT.

  • To propose CHANNEL + in clear during the 4 races to introduce the F1 device to non-subscribers and make them want to subscribe to the offers of the encrypted channel.

This season, CHANNEL + will offer all of the Formula 1 and Moto GP Grand Prix exclusively on its channels since the group now holds unencrypted rights to the two competitions: 4 Formula 1 Grand Prix and 2 Moto GP Grand Prix.

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