Formula 1 | Tensions between Leclerc and Binotto at Monza?

The minor medical concern of Charles Leclerc last weekend in Monza would have had other causes than simple gastric disorders according to corroborating rumors in the Italian media.

During Friday practice, the Ferrari driver on the radio: « I have to go home. I can’t explain it on the radio. »

Leclerc briefly visited the medical center but was released shortly thereafter and he eventually completed the remainder of the Italian Grand Prix weekend.

Ferrari explained that Leclerc simply felt « slightly ill » but the source of these ailments would be « very harsh words » exchanged with his boss Mattia Binotto some time before the meeting.

The tense scene was reportedly seen by several observers and Leclerc’s manager Nicolas Todt also had to get involved. Tension and anger built up before the session. But why ?

Binotto is said to have sparked angst at Leclerc by informing that Ferrari will focus more on the development contribution of teammate Carlos Sainz as the Spaniard’s comments are more reliable according to Ferrari engineers.

Ferrari has not commented on these speculations so far, but Mattia Binotto had comments this weekend about the Scuderia situation that resonate differently.

“Ferrari is something unique. The most important thing to understand is that this is a unique family, a unique phenomenon. I always say to my guys: it’s more important to be Ferrari only to win, because victories are only a consequence of being Ferrari. « 

« I cite the example of Gilles Villeneuve. He was a fantastic driver who actually won very little. But his behavior, his driving style, his passion had a huge impact. »

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