Formula 1 | Stroll didn’t like ‘the bad guy’ Alonso at all before arriving in F1

Stroll did not like at all (...)

Lance Stroll has revealed he was not a fan of future team-mate Fernando Alonso at all before arriving in F1.

The Quebecer followed Formula 1 in his childhood and he had a very clear camp.

« I was a Schumacher fan. Very clear, above all else! Watching him on television in 2005 and 2006, when he won his championships against Schumacher, it was not great! »

Stroll added that Alonso « was like the villain to me – I was six or seven so I reasoned like in the movies. He was a villain. »

« Afterwards, having grown up, and having arrived in F1 especially, I learned to discover him, he is a very exciting and fun character to watch. He still is. He is one of the best drivers of the moment. And he’s still performing at 42. No pressure. »

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