Formula 1 | Stroll consoles himself with the ‘exciting’ future of Aston Martin F1

Aston Martin F1 is the only team not to have scored points in the constructors’ standings so far. The team suffers in particular from porpoising, which costs them between 0.5 and 0.75 seconds per lap (see our article) according to chief technical director Andrew Green.

If the green team can solve this problem, good potential on the car could be instantly unlocked. But can Aston do it?

Lance Stroll, in the Imola paddock, expressed his confidence in his team’s ability to find the necessary remedy.

“The closer you run these cars to the track, the better they perform in terms of downforce, but there is some porpoising. When it starts, it’s not funny and the neck is a bit sore the next day. »

“In general we have been limited with the flat bottom that has broken on our car, so we have to watch our porpoising for those reasons. »

“Looks like the Ferraris and the Mercedes can bounce back more than us. So they need to have a floor that’s sturdier and not as flimsy as ours, potentially. »

“But that’s just part of learning about these new cars and understanding how different they are. And it was a surprise for everyone, this porpoising. »

“Everyone, if they can solve the porpoising, they would be very happy – and that includes us. I am convinced that as a team we can improve and push this car further. »

“But this is Formula 1 and when you develop, everyone develops. So it’s a development race until the end of the year. »

What if Aston Martin F1 solves its problems? Can she fight again for the top 10? Lance Stroll hopes so and believes so.

“Fighting for victory this season? No. Will we fight for the podiums this season? Probably not. Will we get to a position where we can fight for points? I really hope so, and I believe it is possible if we come up with ideas to solve some of our limitations. »

“We are trying to understand all together how we can tune this car to improve it. »

“There were some balance adjustments, looking back in Melbourne, that we could have done differently to potentially have a better race. So we’re looking at all of that and we see the rest of the season as an opportunity to change some of those things and fix some of the issues that we have. »

Hope brings life…

The short term is a bit hopeless for Aston Martin F1; but the medium and long term are much more promising.

The recruitments drawn from Red Bull in particular, the construction of a new factory, the budget increase: on paper, the Silverstone team has the weapons to shine.

It’s a ray of sunshine (the only one?) for Lance Stroll at the start of the season.

“We are really focused and excited for the future. It’s amazing what’s happening at Silverstone with the factory. Everything is going so fast. »

“Every week I go there, it’s shocking to see the progress they’re making and the speed at which the building is being built. »

“And all the people who join the already very talented people on board. It’s an extremely exciting project that’s in development, and I’m really looking forward to seeing it. »

“We are in a growth phase right now. It’s a process: nothing happens overnight. »

« It’s really a process of now developing, understanding better what we can do better this season, but also looking ahead to the next few years, and seeing where this team is heading. »

“It’s really about the future for us. It’s really exciting. And that’s all I think about. »

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