Formula 1 | Stroll: An F1 2022, honestly it’s shit!

Three Formula 1 drivers have already started criticizing the 2022 F1s and the much-awaited new technical rules to improve the on-track spectacle.

As we reported to you, the seven-time world champion Lewis Hamilton criticized the lack of grip of these F1 cars but also the new 18-inch tires from Pirelli, hoping for better as the season progresses.

Another world champion, Fernando Alonso, admits that the weight of the new cars – with an additional 3 kg for at least 798 kg – makes them « less fun to drive ».

« In terms of pure feel for a rider, no one will tell you they are more fun to drive. But they are safer, much safer and more environmentally friendly with the new fuel. We have to embrace change than the rest of the world But, in terms of feel, clearly it’s not an F1 car I like to drive at the moment. »

Lance Stroll, the Aston Martin F1 driver, also put a layer, much harder, in an interview for The Canadian Press.

« The car is much heavier, and honestly it’s crap. It’s too heavy, the handling of the car is very different. It’s very stiff in handling, it’s not as smooth as before . »

« The tires are different, the visibility is less – it’s harder to see the corners with the new tires and the biggest difference is the weight. F1 is so heavy that it takes away the pleasure of driving . »

« Everyone will have to think about that when the next rule change comes around. If we continue in this direction, they won’t be amazing Formula 1 cars to drive anymore. »

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