Formula 1 | Stewart: Verstappen ‘has a lot to learn’ in terms of maturity

Jackie Stewart didn’t mince words about Max Verstappen after the Italian Grand Prix. The three-time Formula 1 world champion admits to being disappointed by the behavior of the Red Bull driver at Monza, after his collision with Lewis Hamilton.

« Verstappen is taking longer than expected to mature. Not even going to see Hamilton after a serious accident when you just passed over the pilot is something I don’t really understand. Especially when he’s still in the driver’s seat. his car and stayed there for a long time before going out. Max has a lot to learn. But who is he going to listen to? «  Stewart wonders.

The Scotsman does not question the raw talent of Verstappen, but considers that the Dutchman should think more, and that his team should warn him that he must change his approach.

“He’s very, very good. He’s probably the fastest driver on the grid now, but to be a true champion you can’t find yourself in crashes all the time. « 

« If I were his team manager I would tell him not to do it again, for God’s sake! Just because you lead the world championship doesn’t mean you’re bulletproof. . « 

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