Formula 1 | Steiner: Fans would love to see Hulkenberg at Haas F1

Steiner: Fans would love to see (...)

Nico Hulkenberg appears to be top of the shortlist of Haas F1 drivers to team up with Kevin Magnussen next year.

Günther Steiner says it’s now « 50-50 » for Mick Schumacher to be extended for 2023. But we can sense Steiner’s preference for a more experienced driver.

« Everyone has time pressure, but not us, and that’s an advantage we keep to ourselves, » explains the director of the American team.

Why Hulkenberg would be a good choice according to him, especially after the animosities of recent years when Magnussen told the German to « suck his balls ».

« Why? Because I think the fans would love it, » Steiner laughs. « Seriously they talked and buried that old ax a long time ago. »

« A driver like Nico brings a lot of experience with him and that counts. »

Could the Daniel Ricciardo track in this case be as interesting? Steiner admits to not being very active. It would rather be up to the Australian to show interest.

« What we ask is that a driver contributes to improve the team. We have already mentioned Daniel’s situation. Tricky. What risks are we ready to take? In the end, the intuition that we we have is something that cannot be calculated mathematically. »

« In Daniel’s situation, he has to decide first what he wants to do. It makes no sense to persuade him to do something, so if he feels like it, he will definitely call us. Otherwise, he will probably say ‘I’m taking a year off’ or he’ll do something else. »

To hear it, Mick Schumacher no longer seems to fit into his plans.

« It’s 50-50 at this point, » he concludes.

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