Formula 1 | Steiner explains failed F1 deal between Red Bull and Porsche

Steiner explains the failure of a

For Günther Steiner, the director of Haas F1, the breakdown of the long-announced engagement between Red Bull and Porsche is not really a surprise.

The two brands had been discussing for many months and seemed to agree on a 50-50 cooperation, which would have seen Porsche enter the capital of the team and its engine subsidiary at the same height.

But giving 50% of the shares to each is not necessarily a good idea in F1, as Christian Horner and Helmut Marko have finally admitted. Especially since with a partner as powerful as Porsche, decision-making could sometimes have led to differences that were difficult to resolve.

« My personal opinion on the failure of these deals is that we tried to put two alpha males together and it collided. It’s tricky, » Steiner thinks.

« With a 50-50 split, you need someone in charge. There would have been a stalemate at one point, which would have caused problems. »

Steiner does not know how Porsche will be able to pursue its desire to return to F1.

“It is not certain that Porsche can come after all, or not as powerfully as they would have liked. With Red Bull, it was the guarantee of good results quickly on the single-seater side.

« But they will definitely think of a new idea. »

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