Formula 1 | Steiner clears things up with Mazepin after controversy in Q1

Qualifying for the last Mexican Grand Prix sparked new internal controversy at Haas F1. Nikita Mazepin had asked to pass his teammate Mick Schumacher in order to warm up his tires.

Here follows a tasty exchange by radio … « Negative, stay behind » his engineer told him.  » You laugh ? «  Mazepin replied. « No, we are not kidding and if you want to leave the place, then leave the place now » concluded the engineer.

Just after qualifying, hot, Mazepin pointed out the existence of « Different rules », because at Zandvoort Mick Schumacher had been allowed to overtake.

Günther Steiner took a stand in this fight for the last lines and for once the team manager took a strong position: Mazepin had better listen to the pit wall.

“It was clear after Zandvoort, we discussed it. We said we were going to watch what was going to happen, because we see a lot more than them. « 

“We saw that there was no reason [de le laisser passer], because even if Nikita overtakes Mick, he would have been stuck behind the Williams. So there is no time saving. And then the temperature of his tires was good. « 

« So it was just like, no, stay where you are because otherwise we’re taking a risk. » « 

“In the end, it’s better for Nikita, because Mick found himself in traffic in the last corners, and not him. But he doesn’t know. « 

Günther Steiner therefore firmly denies Nikita Mazepin, who implies that Haas favors Mick Schumacher …

“We’re just trying to do our best, because what I always tell them: Guys, we see a lot more than you do. So don’t try to be the race strategist or anything. Just listen. « 

“Obviously, his reaction [celle de Mazepin] was, I think, in the heat of the moment, to want to know more. « 

Cold, Mick Schumacher has a nice game to remind that for him, all the procedures were respected – and they were. « 

“Certainly on our side, everything went as normal and as planned. « 

“Obviously the Williams were there, but they had a quicker exit lap than we expected. We just did our normal run out, really. « 

“I think the team gave clear instructions, and the instructions to hold the positions came from both sides. From my side, there is really no reason to be upset in any way. « 

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