Formula 1 | Sprint F1: Rossi wants more points and elimination of FP2

Laurent Rossi, CEO of Alpine, remains skeptical about the distribution of points during the Sprint Qualifications in 2021. These Sprints will be more numerous in 2022 and should have an extended scale, which will suit the French, unconvinced by the points that ‘scored the top three last year.

“I think the Sprints are a step in the right direction, because they changed the show a bit. It brought intensity on Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but I think the point distribution n is not good. I would like to change it «  Rossi notes.

« I would like to have more points for the first 10. I find it abnormal that we did not run at Spa and that there were points up to 10th position, and that when we have ran a 20-lap Sprint, we didn’t score much. For me, that doesn’t work and that needs to change. « 

According to Rossi, the show would be better giving points to half the peloton in these Sprint races: « I would say on the sporting side it’s still a bit open I guess, but that’s probably where we can make some progress. »

“Would it take reverse grids? Would it take more points in the Sprint race to make sure everyone is fighting past third? I don’t know, but that would be interesting. « 

On the other hand, Rossi wants F1 to change the format of the weekend during the Sprints, ruling that the Saturday morning session should be deleted: « The free practice session before the Sprint is useless, nobody wants it. It’s totally useless. »

« We wonder what we are doing. All the drivers and the teams are wondering if we can not race instead, because there is no point. But these are minor things. I know I am especially looking forward to it. to be there. »

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