Formula 1 | Some F1 teams find the 2022 rules less restrictive than expected

The F1 2022 regulations aim to bring together performances between teams, and to allow F1 to follow each other more easily. Consequently, the new aerodynamic regulations are more restrictive than usual, thus limiting the dispersion of the gaps on the grid.

But how much more restrictive is this new formula? Doesn’t F1 risk losing its DNA in the process?

After the disturbing remarks of Toto Wolff or Mattia Binotto in recent days, Marcin Budkowski, executive director at Alpine, wanted to put into perspective and reassure: certainly the FOM has goals in mind with the FIA, but F1 will not look like the formulas monotypes of the F2, he promised.

“By definition, these regulations, even though they are more restrictive, remain open for development, so we are a long way from a one-design to one formula so far. Likewise, one of the goals of the FIA ​​and Formula 1 when they designed these regulations is to make them more restrictive because they want tighter races, i.e. less differences, less potential, if you will, for differentiation between teams. But also because these regulations, they designed them for a purpose, which is to make it easier for cars to follow each other. « 

“So the easier it is to overtake if you want to and the more we deviate from the initial geometry, the more the differentiation of the teams is in danger, which is why they are more restrictive; but we still find a lot of performance at this point because it’s early in the development phase of these cars. « 

“It’s going to decrease, it will be more and more difficult to find performance, but at this point there is still a lot of performance to be found on these cars. « 

Otmar Szafnauer at Aston Martin F1 also believes that the differences could be greater than at the start between the teams, before seeing them converge: in short, nothing very unusual in the world of F1!

“I think Marcin is right, especially at the start of the new era of technical regulation changes there will be differences. If the development latitude is not what it was in the past, I think we will all converge on the same thing much faster, but it will happen over time, in years. « 

Jost Capito, for Williams, also believes that the technical directors will always have a lot of ideas to look for: but then, will regulation 2022 not miss its goal?

“I can only confirm what Marcin and Otmar are saying. This still leaves enough room for development and this is where the engineers are focused. If it’s not a chassis with just one setup for everyone, that leaves room for development and you have to find every little detail you can find; and it’s even more important to find the little benefits and the little developments … the little steps you can take. They may not be as important as they once were, but I think the approach remains the same. « 

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