Formula 1 | Seidl: McLaren ‘already able to exploit’ opportunities

Since the summer break, McLaren has shown an increasing level, with very impressive results. Lando Norris was playing pole position at Spa-Francorchamps before his accident, and he signed it in Sochi.

At Monza, Daniel Ricciardo and he signed an unexpected double. For Andreas Seidl, the team director, this is a sign that the team is already ready to take advantage of its strengths to maximize its chances.

« We just have to look at the facts » Seidl notes. « When you see the lap time gap that we have on average during the season in qualifying and in the race compared to Mercedes and Red Bull, there is still a lot missing. »

« But what is good for me is that if I compare with the previous year, we have almost halved that gap and it shows that we are going in the right direction, that the team is doing a sensational job at the factory on the evolutions. « 

« And that’s also the case in our racing team, with our drivers, we manage to put the package we have in the right window and make it work during the race weekends. »

« So it’s very nice to see and that’s also what I like about Lando’s pole position, because it shows that when the opportunities are there, we are already able to exploit them and take advantage of them under pressure. »

As we reported to you, Seidl does not believe that McLaren can play in the big leagues for the moment, alongside Mercedes F1 and Red Bull. He confirms it once again.

“In terms of the gap with Mercedes and Red Bull, the good thing is that compared to previous years, depending on the characteristics of the track and the weather conditions, we are sometimes able to fight for a pole position like we do. have seen in Imola and Austria or in Monza and Sochi. « 

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