Formula 1 | Seidl hails Sainz for intelligence over Norris in Austin


At the start of the United States Grand Prix, Carlos Sainz passed Lando Norris off the track, but let the McLaren driver pass. Only, he did it in such a way that he could pass it again afterwards, and Andreas Seidl admits that it was a well-felt maneuver.

« During the incident between Carlos and Lando, it was clear that Carlos only passed Lando because he went off the track » explains Seidl. « That’s why we clearly expected him to have to surrender the position, which he must have done afterwards. »

“But, unfortunately, he did it in a smart way so that he could actually pass Lando again on the next straight, so we couldn’t take advantage of that. The fact that Lando didn’t have was able to catch up any position in the first laps ruined his race. « 

Asked about the commissioners’ decision to validate Sainz’s maneuver to return his position, Seidl seems resigned: « It’s obviously not the idea of ​​what we’re doing to make the position, but we’ll see. »

« We have to analyze again in detail, talk with Lando to see what he thinks about it and then I would say, as long as the rules are as they are, we can say hats off to Carlos, who did it in a way smart. « 


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