Formula 1 | Schumacher’s Q3 was spotted at Zandvoort


Schumacher's Q3 was noticed at (...)

Mick Schumacher’s name is at the center of transfers for 2023, with the possibility of him leaving the Ferrari Driver Academy, and therefore Haas F1, at the end of the season. Mattia Binotto, the director of Ferrari, praises the accession to Q3 of the German, and will study his full weekend more closely.

“We saw a good qualification from him” Binotto told Sky Deutschland. « But we mainly focused on our team and we will have to look again at how they performed. »

Haas F1 Director Günther Steiner confirms that Schumacher has shown a satisfactory performance for the team: « He did a very good job in Canada, Austria and Silverstone, and since then the car hasn’t quite lived up to it. But we’ll see how it goes. »

« In certain circumstances this year he has evolved as we had hoped. He has had some very good races which have impressed everyone. But we need consistency and to see how we can take the team forward. We don’t want a status quo. »

Unanimity on Schumacher’s « merit » in F1

Nico Rosberg wants to be reassuring for his compatriot, since he thinks he could find refuge with Williams in the event that Haas decides to part ways with him. The 2016 world champion notes Schumacher’s very good performance in qualifying at Zandvoort.

« Under all the pressure, Mick dominated [Kevin] Magnussen in qualifying on Saturday. I see his best chances to be Haas and Williams for next year, but he deserves to stay on the grid. » Rosberg insists.

Toto Wolff joins his former driver on Schumacher’s merit, but won’t press Williams to help Schumacher go: « If I tell Williams to take Mick, they’ll do the opposite. So I’m not saying anything. He’s a brilliant young man and he’s someone who deserves to be in Formula 1. »


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