Formula 1 | Schumacher: There’s ‘always pressure’ in F1

Schumacher: There is 'always (...)

Mick Schumacher is playing his second season with Haas F1. The German driver is not on Ferrari’s list, but he reveals he would be happy to show his employers what his level is, if he were to be called up by the Scuderia.

« Yes » replied Schumacher. « I mean, our cars aren’t the same, but they’re similar. I’ve grown up with Ferrari basically since 2019 and I feel like I understand the whole process. I’d be more than happy to step in and help. show them what I have. »

Schumacher hopes to still be able to race against high performing and experienced riders, as was the case in Britain, when he struggled with Max Verstappen in the final laps of the race.

« I don’t know how long they’ll be racing, I’m sure Max will be racing for a few more years, and it’s good to know how he approaches two-on-one fights and one-on-one battles. That’s a great experience and I hope I will have many more in the future. »

After finally unlocking his points counter, Schumacher doesn’t think he’s gotten rid of the pressure: « I think F1 is always pressure. You’re as good as your last races, so at the moment I’m happy. But also, I understand there’s no time for to rest. »

« It’s always about trying to find a new element of performance and we’re always trying everything we can to make our car faster, whether that’s on the set-up side or the operational side. trying to improve and get better, and achieve even better positions. »

A positive relationship with Steiner

The German driver is satisfied to work under the orders of Günther Steiner, with whom he manages to communicate well since his arrival in Formula 1: « Everyone has their own personality and Günther has a very particular style of working. »

« At the end of the day it’s all about the pressure again and sometimes I perform better under pressure. It’s something that’s actually quite positive, because if you’re in the fight for the championship, you’re under pressure. »

Schumacher confirms that his boss does not take more tweezers in private than he does when discussing in front of the press: « I would say yes. He is probably one of the people who has very few filters and who says what they think. »

« It’s always something you have to adapt to. I haven’t had that before, so it’s something new for me, and I had to learn how to deal with it – I feel like that’s what I do. »

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