Formula 1 | Schumacher is annoyed to have hung Räikkönen in Brazil

Mick Schumacher blames himself for having ruined his race in Brazil by hitting Kimi Räikkönen’s Alfa Romeo. The German got away with a broken front wing and believes the error was avoidable. He also judges that he will learn from this fault for the future.

« It’s annoying because I think we had the right pace to be in front of the Williams, so it’s unfortunate but we’re learning from these things. » regrets Schumacher. « I think these little negative things are really helpful, and now I know where the line is. »

“I think these corners, since it’s a left-right sequence, makes everyone try to get as much space as possible. I think we touched tires at the start and then he got a little oversteer and my front wing hit it. « 

Thursday at a press conference, the two men responded together and realized that they had never fought on the track. « I would have liked to have had the opportunity to race against him but we will surely have to do it elsewhere, on ice or otherwise », then declared Schumacher.

Räikkönen had replied in an amused manner that he « could slow down so we can fight ». Finally, their paths crossed on the track, and the Haas F1 driver will not have fond memories of them.

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