Formula 1 | Schumacher hopes he can make good use of Imola curbs

Mick Schumacher is eager to return to Imola, where Haas F1 could shine more than last year. The German driver believes that the main change will be in the way the 2022 Formula 1 single-seaters will have the ability to pass the curbs, compared to their predecessors (photo).

« It looks like curb usage will be a bit lower than last year, but I’m sure the drivers and teams will find ways to still be able to take them as much, and I hope we we will be too » Schumacher said.

Schumacher is not opposed to the idea of ​​the Sprint race, and he even thinks that it could benefit the American team for which he races. Indeed, Haas is already operating its VF-22 well and could benefit from its good adaptability to be up to speed quickly, while the number of free sessions will be reduced.

« With our car I think it’s good enough, we should be able to put everything together fairly early in the weekend. We have a good idea, we don’t need to perform. huge changes, so hopefully we’ll be comfortable and can have a good weekend. »

The son of seven-time world champion Michael, winner seven times at Imola, is happy that F1 is returning to the Italian circuit, while he hopes for the return of the German GP: « It’s important to go to circuits that have a history, and hopefully we’ll have some races in Germany soon, because that’s still missing. »

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