Formula 1 | Schumacher: Haas F1 knows why Melbourne has been more difficult

After scoring big points in Bahrain and then Jeddah, Haas F1 seemed to fall back a bit in Melbourne and finished a race without a single car in the top 10 for the first of the season.

But this performance does not seem to worry the American team more than that. Its pilot Mick Schumacher also explains to us that the explanation for this lackluster performance has already been found.

« I think on Friday we were already a bit behind and once in qualifying we still had to make some changes. But by then it was too late, » explained the German pilot.

« I think we now understand better what happened to us, now we have to put everything in place. »

Schumacher hopes Haas F1 will return to its « true » level at Imola in the next race.

« I’m sure we’ll be back to where we were supposed to be. »

« We learned a lot of very positive things and we know what we need to improve. »

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