Formula 1 | Schumacher explains failed clash with Alonso in Qatar

Fernando Alonso’s podium in Qatar could not have taken place, as the Spaniard almost got hooked by Mick Schumacher. The Haas F1 driver was returning to the track after losing control of his car when he cut the road to the Alpine behind him.

« I pushed a little too much on the entry, I went on the vibrator and I lost the rear » Schumacher explains. « I was happy to have kept it in the right direction because at this speed it’s easy to lose control completely and go the other way. »

« I focused on getting the car back to the track as I had gravel coming up in front of me so that didn’t help. I was aware that I had to get back to the track safely. »

Schumacher was finally able to have fun driving the whole race and attack until the end. The German driver considers this to be the result of a well-constructed weekend since free practice.

“It was a tough race, but a fun race. It was the first time we had the opportunity to really push the whole race, and we were going really fast towards the end of the race, so it was a first. for me. »

« The way we looked at the situation before the race was good. We made the C3 and C2 tires hold, and I wasn’t really afraid of punctures on our end. »

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