Formula 1 | Sainz: We lacked consistency on all fronts at Ferrari

Sainz: We lacked consistency

If Ferrari started the season with a bang with two wins in three races, problems of reliability, strategy or even driving faults quickly caused it to fall significantly behind Red Bull, which it will be very difficult to catch up from now on.

Carlos Sainz recognized it as follows: his team lacked consistency during the first part of the Formula 1 season.

“There has been a clear lack of consistency on all fronts,” said the Spaniard.

« From my side at first I couldn’t get comfortable with the car, but now that the car is very fast and I feel better in it, there are still some reliability issues and during pit stops. at the booth. »

« They don’t allow us to be consistent and in Hungary I probably would have been able to get a better result. »

« Before we go to Spa, we have to see what we can improve. Because nothing has been good. And it affects our staff when we don’t finish on the podium or we don’t win, when we should. »

« Our team clearly needs to mature and improve to get wins consistently. During the race in Hungary, I think we had no rhythm. »

« You know, Red Bull also had a bad day at the Red Bull Ring. And nobody said they needed to improve. Their pace was bad there, like ours in Hungary. »

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