Formula 1 | Sainz frustrated at being typecast as a No. 2 at Ferrari


Sainz frustrated at being pigeonholed

Carlos Sainz revealed the thing « most frustrating » of his time at Ferrari so far.

The Spaniard admits he struggled early this year as teammate Charles Leclerc impressed in the 2022 Scuderia-designed F1.

But once Sainz managed to get the better of his F1-75, he then admits to being dismayed that even Ferrari supporters were asking for him to be relegated to the status of « number 2 ».

“I can understand that after the first few races Charles clearly had a head start both in qualifying and in the race,” he confides.

« But in the middle of the season I improved a lot. I started fighting more with Charles, we were very close in terms of points and it was a bit frustrating in a way because he seemed that some people didn’t want me on an equal footing with him. »

« I was criticized for not being there, and when I started to be there, some people wondered what I was doing in front and thought that I should let Charles win everything. It was the most frustrating, especially from the press. Fortunately, I don’t pay too much attention to what is said. »

He mentions it though…

« Careful might not be the right word. Let it get to me, let’s say. »

The Spanish driver says that despite the hierarchies obviously imposed by Ferrari in the past, the current management is determined to have two strong drivers in its F1 cars.

“Mattia (Binotto) and the team recognize that this is one of our strengths. It is clear that there were people following Ferrari who did not want there to be two drivers at the same level. It may be a question for some, but I am convinced that the best thing for the team is to have two drivers as close to each other as possible.

At Red Bull, the situation seems more unbalanced but Carlos Sainz does not shoot Sergio Perez.

« Max is a real phenomenon. He created a symbiosis with his team. It’s the car, it’s the driver, it’s the team, it’s the strategy, it’s the pit stops. »

« They do so many races without making mistakes – doing things perfectly. On top of that, when Max has a problem, they are able to solve it quickly. That’s the difference and the reason why they dominate. « 

« Sergio is progressing and it’s Max’s teammate at Red Bull who is closest to him. He’s getting closer and closer. He also has to create his team around him and I think he’s getting there. He’s very listen. »


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