Formula 1 | Sainz feels ‘100% ready’ to secure first F1 title

How high will it not go? Carlos Sainz finished “best of the rest” last year, ahead of Lando Norris and his teammate Charles Leclerc; and since appetite comes with eating, who knows where the pilot may end up in 2022?

If Ferrari were competitive this year, which is not improbable, would Carlos Sainz feel ready (he who still has no victory under his belt) to fight for the title?

“Yes, 100%” he answers for the official F1 website.

It is true that the Ferrari driver has enough to have the morale at the top…

“Above all…this second half of the season has given me the right confidence with the car, the right confidence with the team, to know that I’m ready for whatever comes next year. That, combined with the amount of hard work we’re putting into Project 2022, has put me in the right frame of mind. »

“I had a lot of fun. I think it’s one of my favorite seasons in F1, in terms of enjoying F1, enjoying the sport. »

“It’s been quite hectic, a lot of races, but also a lot of good times. I managed to have fun; at the same time, I managed to improve throughout the year. »

Ferrari’s overall progress, from 6th to 3rd place in the constructors’ standings, also delights Sainz.

« I feel like I finished the season a lot stronger than I started it, so there’s this big progression within the team. I saw changes within the team that went in the right direction. »

“So honestly, I come into 2022 with a very positive feeling and we are going to have some good times, we have a good momentum. »

Carlos Sainz also confides that he is still living a waking dream, being dressed in the red tunic; but he also knows how to come back to reality when he lowers his visor, combining passion, excitement, determination and concentration.

« I said it recently: it was quite easy for me to remember that I am fulfilling a dream: to drive for the best team in Formula 1 and the most historic team in Formula 1, and it’s been a dream come true for me since I was a kid, to drive for Ferrari. »

“And remembering these kinds of things, I go into the weekend always excited, always with energy, always trying to learn, to get better, to be sure that if the chance to fight for the world championship with Ferrari comes one day, I will be as prepared and as ready as possible. »

“It gave me a good balance; last year allowed me to take another small step as a driver and end the season with a bang and now I’m ready for whatever comes in 2022.”

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